Cleveland Exotic Car Rentals was founded by car enthusiasts who wanted to share their passion for luxury and exotic cars. Each day, we strive to exceed customer expectations with access to the latest models, along with top-of-the-line customer experience. We’re proud to be the premier luxury and Exotic Car Rental Service in Cleveland Oh, and we invite you to enjoy the legendary craftsmanship and meticulous engineering featured in our Luxury rental fleet.


We have an elite collection of the best sports cars, luxury SUVs, and exotic vehicles for you to choose from. Even our most distinguished clients are impressed with our fleet of internationally recognized brands, including Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, and more.


Each of our vehicles is equipped with the most technologically advanced features and customized interiors to allow you access to the best the car world has to offer. Choose from cars that blend eco-friendly emissions and state-of-the-art design, or combine classic lines with precise control.


We are dedicated to meeting your every need, so you can enjoy every moment. Our collection of exotic super cars is the perfect marriage of the highest-class engineering and superior style. Sit back and relax in the spacious and powerfully sophisticated Lamborghini Urus or take the wheel with the speed, power, and control of a Porsche Turbo S.